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Rosa is an alumna of Hannah Shaw's (@kittenxlady) remarkable and wildly popular kitten rescue operation. She is blind, and this is the LEAST interesting thing about her. She was born prematurely, and kittens that tiny and fragile are not usually taken in by rescues, because their chances for survival are as small as they are. Who would take a chance on a kitten like this? Hannah would! And with tremendous effort, along with boundless love, sweet Rosa has thrived!

She now lives with her doting dad Dave and her ADORING new siblings Triscuit and  Shadow.  (Shadow is also blind, but that's this whole other story. We'll get into that later.) For now, she is getting acclimated to her new home in San Francisco, in her very own custom-built kitten room. (Photo Credit: Andrew Marttila - @iamthecatphotographer)



Crazy Cat Guys are a Thing...

When Dave George was working as a comedian in Hollywood back in the 90s, Comedy Store owner Mitzi Shore took him aside after a show and said, "You're a writer!" Dave could not have been more thrilled with the compliment, though Mitzi absolutely did not intend for it to be one. He lives in San Francisco, CA, where he writes, sails, surfs, motorcycles and cats. Also, and this is important, he loves you and wants you to know that you are his favorite.